With more than 17 years of experience in fitness equipment manufacturing, our company is now proudly presenting the new Pilates Equipment by ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS.

We are a company with strong Greek origins and credentials in manufacturing fitness equipment of high quality and aesthetics. Our vision is to meet the latest demands of the Pilates training method for training and rehabilitation purposes.

We use only the best material for manufacturing our Pilates equipment, such as solid beech wood and stainless steel. The components used for the manufacturing of our products comply with EEC quality standards.

Our equipment follows the Joseph Pilates’ principles of motion and combines it with the latest developments in technology and sports science. As sport scientists we strive to incorporate elements of innovative and timeless design, adding only those features that we believe can preserve and enhance the integrity of the original Pilates workout experience.

All stages of production of the Alpha Pilates Systems are supervised by experienced technicians to ensure final product quality and compliance with EEC standards.

Distinguished Greek and international Pilates Master Instructors in the field of training and rehabilitation have co-developed the ergonomic design of our Pilates equipment.

Scientific Partners of Alpha Pilates Systems

We introduce you to some of the scientific partners of Alpha Pilates Systems:

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

University of Thessaly, Trikala

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

ALPHA PILATES has developed a research collaboration with the TEFAA of the University of Thessaly in Trikala, through Dr. Yannis Fatouros and the scientific team of the Laboratory of Biochemistry, Physiology and Exercise Nutrition (SmArT Lab), part of the Center for Evaluation of Physical Performance (KEAFA) scientific team. The purpose of the research collaboration is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Pilates programs in healthy individuals and people with non-transmitted diseases.

The ultimate goal is the presentation of the exercises through scientific publications in reputable scientific journals abroad, in scientific conferences and if possible, through European Programs conducted by the research team, for the improvement of the health of the practitioners. Furthermore, the research results will also be part of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to the role of exercise in health and sport performance.

The SmArT Lab research team, for the last 20 years, has been involved in the study of the effects of exercise (i) in elderly people, (ii) in people with obesity and metabolic diseases, (iii) in athletes and (iv) in people with non-transmitted diseases. SmArt Lab team presents an impressive publication record which includes many books and chapters in both foreign and national books and over 240 publications of scientific articles in prestigious foreign scientific journals, their published work has attracted over 15,000 references (Google Scholar). Furthermore, SmArT Lab research team has completed or conducted more than 10 European Programs. http://www.pe.uth.gr/

Dr. Yannis Fatouros
Dr. Yannis Fatouros

University of Western Attica

University of Western Attica

ALPHA PILATES has developed a scientific partnership with the University of Western Attica through the KEDIVIM program, entitled Training Program in Therapeutic Exercise with the Clinical Pilates method, under the scientific supervision of Professor Georgios Georgoudis (https://www.kedivim.uniwa.gr). The collaboration’s objectives are:

  1. The optimal theoretical and practical training of the students of the program in Clinical Pilates method
  2. The promotion of research and the development of the method through the activities of the students of the project. https://www.kedivim.uniwa.gr
Dr. Georgios Georgoudis
Dr. Georgios Georgoudis Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Director of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Laboratory, University of Western Attica

TEFΑA Komotini

TEFΑA Komotini

ALPHA PILATES has developed a research collaboration with the University of Komotini through the scientific team that deals with the prevention and management of musculoskeletal problems, under the supervision of the professor and physiotherapist Mrs.Malliou (project ELKE DPΘ). The team is further composed of Mrs. Beneka Anastasia( Professor), Yoftsidou Asimenia( associate Professor), Cordosi Suzana (Doctoral candidate).

The aim of the research collaboration is to develop new exercises based on the Pilates method for the general population. The ultimate purpose is the presentation of the exercises through the European Erasmus+ Sport training programs, carried out by the research team, to improve the muscle and skeletal health of the trainees involved and to be included in undergraduate and postgraduate courses about the prevention and management of musculoskeletal problems.

The present team of TEFAA Komotini has been conducting research on the prevention and management of musculoskeletal problems for more than 20 years presenting an authorial work that includes two books and more than 80 publications of articles in international databases with external reviewers (Scopus) having more than 1.000 references (citations index by scopus) and has completed four European Erasmus+ training programs. https://rehlab.phyed.duth.gr/

Vivian Malliou
Natassa Beneka
Natassa Beneka
Menia Yoftsidou
Menia Yoftsidou

MK Pilates Academy

MK Pilates Academy, founded by Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead, is a globally-recognised and prestigious academy that runs 40 training centers in 32 countries. Its certification is officially recognized in countries such as UK, Australia, Hungary, South Africa etc.Michael King has been a teacher-trainer of top dancers and performers around the world, having taught for a number of years at Bolshoi, Houston Ballet and Pineapple Dance studios. He has also been a keynote speaker at all major Pilates conferences around the world and a keynote speaker at Pilates Anytime. In 2002, together with Malcom Muirhead, they were invited by the OCR (Oxford Cambridge & RCA) to establish and write the standards for the first internationally recognized Pilates certification in the UK.

mk pilates logo
Michael King
Michael King

MK Pilates Academy is an official partner of Alpha Pilates Systems. Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead have supervised the design of Alpha Pilates Systems. They are also the inspiration behind Pedi Combo, an innovative, patent-exclusive Pilates apparatus manufactured by our company. https://www.mkpilates.com/el/

Malcolm Muirhead
Malcom Muirhead

Hellenic OMT Diploma

Hellenic OMT Diploma, the official learning institution of the World Federation of Manual Therapy IFOMPT and certified Lifetime Learning institution, is an official partner of Alpha Pilates Systems. They organize training programs for physiotherapists certified with Clinical Pilates – Mastery Certification Program by Hellenic OMT Diploma, regarding the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, using the apparatus of our company. http://www.homtd.gr/el/

Hellenic OMT Diploma

Costas Sakellariou

Costas Sakellariou is a physiotherapist, based in Athens. He graduated from the School of Physiotherapy in 1989 and began specializing in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Manual Therapy) in 1993. Since 1998 he has been teaching in various corresponding educational programs in Greece, Romania and Korea.

In 2017 he completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Medicine in Athens in the field of “Applied and Molecular Physiology”.

He is a founding member of 3 different educational programs in Greece. Since 2012 he has been teaching in the postgraduate program of the Hellenic OMT Diploma.

He has developed a clinical model, called Pain – Resistance Evaluation Model, for the examination and treatment of passive movements. His model incorporates the already known models used in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Manual Therapy) in a very simple and practical way.

His main interest is the use of clinical reasoning in daily practice on patients suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders. He is a research associate of Alpha Pilates Systems. http://www.manualphysiotherapy.gr

Κώστας Σακελλαρίου
Costas Sakellariou
Alexandros Sideris
Alexandros Sideris


PHYSIO SCIENCE CLINIC is one of the most innovative companies providing physiotherapy services, with emphasis on exercise as a basic means of treating musculoskeletal pathology and long-term chronic pain.

It is managed by Alexandros Sideris and Yiannis Sotiralis, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists, Manual Therapists, with postgraduate studies in Molecular and Applied Physiology – Athens Medical School, and with a special clinical interest in the treatment of long-term chronic pain.

Physio Science Clinic staff and associates are specially trained in active, evidence-based, participatory and customized physiotherapy. As scientific partners of Alpha Pilates Systems, they contribute to the quality development of the equipment in specific details concerning rehabilitation. It is located in the center of Athens (66 V. Sofias, 4th floor), right in front of the Metro station Megaro Mousikis. www.physioscience.gr

Yiannis Sotiralis
Yiannis Sotiralis

Elpida Chinchifa

Elpida Chinchifa received her PhD degree in Sports Medicine from the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki and an M.Sc degree in Fitness, supported with scholarship, from the University of Oregon U.S.A. .She is a scientific Collaborator at T.E.F.A.A. Thessaloniki. She is a Pilates Master Trainer Mat & Reformer, authorized to assess students for certification in Pilates. She is a Faculty Member of Balance Body University, International Master Trainer of Nautilus Academy. She has a Degree from the American College of Sports Medicine. She has been teaching since 1986 and has been training teachers since 1992. She owns the North Academy of Fitness and the Fitness Lifestyle Club. She is the  author and editor of the chapter “Body weight regulation” in the University Book “Athlete Nutrition”. She has published 65 Papers, 32 Presentations in Panhellenic Conferences and 5 Presentations in International Conferences.

She has given lectures in the applied laboratories of the Panhellenic Conference of the Department of Sports Medicine. She presented the program “Pilates for the period of pregnancy” at the World Fitness Conference (IDEA Organization) at Las Vegas in July 2005. She has also participated and organized Pilates workshops in Greece and abroad. She has also written articles in professional magazines of the Sports field (Journal of Strength & Condition Association, Fitness & Aerobics News, Vita).

She is an official partner of Alpha Pilates Systems and has contributed to the design of the Pilates apparatus of our company. http://northacademy.gr/

Elpida Chinchifa
Elpida Chinchifa

Manti Persaki

She is a PhD candidate at the Medical School of Athens. She received her Master’s degree in “Comparative evaluation of fitness parameters of women exercising with pilates in and out of the water” from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is a graduate of the University of Athens in the Department of Physical Education and owner of the “Pilates by Mandy” fitness clubs. She has presented two papers at World Conferences.

She established permanent collaboration with TV shows in various Greek channels (Alpha TV, Open TV, Antenna TV, Skai TV, Star TV), presenting pilates exercises. She is also a permanent column writer in various magazines and newspapers (Forma, Tlife, Basketblog, Free Press etc.)

She is an official partner and brand ambassador of Alpha Pilates Systemshttp://www.mandypersaki.gr/

Manti Persaki
Manti Persaki

Pantazopoulou Christina

Professor of Physical Education and Sports Sience, NPCT-CT

Christina is a professional in the field of Pilates and Fitness industry. With 25 years of experience, she has demonstrated exceptional expertise in Pilates teacher training programs, seminars and gym organisation.

Professional Background:

Christina currently holds the position of founder and owner at ibody wellness & Pilates studio and cp_pilates on line classes, where she is responsible for the organisation, design and demonstration of Pilates programs. Also collaborating with the Center of Continuing Education of University of Thessalia, course “Pilates Exercise Specialist”.

She has a track record of success in Teacher Training Pilates programs since 2005, counting more than 2,000 students.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & Sports, Athens University
  • Msc student in Exercise Rehabilitation, University of Thessalia
  • National Pilates Certified Teacher (500h), NPC
  • Certified Teacher BASI 500h comprehensive teacher training
  • Alan Herdman Pilates Faculty (2012-2022)
  • Functional Movement System, NASM
  • Corrective Exercise, NASM
  • Pre & post natal Pilates Teacher (Body Control Pilates, London)
  • Also studied with Pilates pioneers such as Alan Herdman, Rael Isacowitz, Elisabeth Larkam, Madeline Black, Lolita san Miguel, Cathy Corey, Lynne Robinson and others

Christina has participated as a Pilates expert in workshops and conferences in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria. These accolades highlight her dedication to excellence and contributions to the Pilates & Fitness industry.

She has authored two Pilates manuals and several articles, that have contributed to the knowledge base of the Pilates Method.

Contact Information:


Pantazopoulou Christina
Pantazopoulou Christina

Suzana Kordosis

Suzana Kordosis is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Science of Physical Education and Sports (S.S.P.E.S.) of the Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.TH). She collaborated with the team of the Biomechanics laboratory of S.S.P.E.S. of the D.U.TH., as responsible for planning and implementing exercise programs using Pilates equipment, for stroke people. She prepared her PhD thesis on Authentic Pilates and functional training, which was graded "excellent, 10", at S.S.P.E.S. (D.U.TH.).

She holds a Master's degree (2015) with the title "prevention-intervention- rehabilitation", in the postgraduate program "EXERCISE AND QUALITY OF LIFE" of the D.U.TH. of S.S.P.E.S. She produced a Master's thesis, on "Unilateral strength training with elastic resistance (bands, Thera-Band) in one lower limb at the knee joint and transfer control of strength and balance adaptations in the untrained contralateral limb". Which was graded "excellent, 10" and was presented at the IOC WORLD CONFERENCE PREVENTION OF INJURY & ILLNESS IN SPORT, Monaco, April 2014 and at the 22nd International Conference on Physical Education and Sports.

She is a graduate of Physical Education Professor of S.E.F.A.A.- D.P.Th. of 2006.

She has participated with announcements, presentations and publications of scientific papers as she has attended medical and exercise scientific conferences in Greece and abroad from 2004 to 2024.

She has received seminary training in exercise that concerns healthy and special populations in Greece and abroad.

She is a certified trainer in the following subjects:

  • Yoga Alliance Instructor. 500Hr YOGA TEACHER ALLIANCE TRAINING
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Flowbility Instructor
  • Aerial Yoga- Pilates Instructor Trainer
  • Fight-Bo Instructor Trainer
  • Aerobic Instructor Trainer
  • Trainer by Theraband Academy

She has many years of experience working in gyms and exercise studios as well as in sports venues, training healthy populations, populations with special conditions and athletes (championship level).

She is a Pilates instructor and creator and instructor of Aerial Yoga and Pilates seminars.

Suzana Kordosis
Suzana Kordosis

Dimitris Argyriou

He is a BSc graduate of the School of Physical Education and Sports Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, specialized in the rehabilitation of chronic cardio respiratory and metabolic diseases, in pathokinesiology and the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders in the field of Sports Medicine and Exercise Biology. He received an MSc on “Molecular & Applied Physiology” from the Medical School at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He also received an Msc on “Clinical Ergospirometry, Exercise & Rehabilitation” in the Postgraduate Program of Medical School from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He had his professional practice on Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation through Exercise at Evangelismos Hospital, treating patients with Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cystic Fibrosis. He is the founder of Alpha Pilates Systems.

Dimitris Argyriou

Thanks to our customers’ trust, we strive to continuously develop and upgrade our products in order to demonstrate the benefits of the Pilates method and to promote the quality and know-how of Greek-manufactured Pilates equipment at affordable prices.