Delivery Methods / Shipping Costs


“ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE” serves customers from all over Greece.

Shipments are made with a cooperating courier service and are free for Athens- Attica.

Delivery / collection can be done from the company's store after a relevant consultation in which case the company does not bear any responsibility for the transfer.

The collection / delivery of the products takes place on the sidewalk (ground floor) of the respectively declared address. If there is a need to go upstairs there will be a relevant charge after consultation with our company or the transport company.

If the customer wishes to cooperate with another transport company than the one we cooperate with, he must notify us in time with his order either by phone or in the e-mail of the company, while other charges may apply.

“ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE” does not have any responsibility for the transport of the products and in case of any problem, the buyer should contact the respective transport company.

In the products, in which the indication "upon order" is written, it takes up to 15 working days to be sent.

B. Outside Greece

Shipping costs abroad are determined according to the country of destination. Delivery time is about 15-30 working days.

Ownership of the product is transferred to the buyer after its full and complete payment, while the risk is transferred upon delivery. The goods travel on behalf of the customer.

5. Returns policy

"ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE" supporting e-Commerce gives you the opportunity, through the completeness of the descriptions which it posts on its pages, to enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products available on your computer screen quickly and easily.

Wanting to highlight the benefits of using the internet in our daily markets, we list below the terms and conditions for the return of defective or non-defective products.

5.1. Right of withdrawal / Product return

5.1.1. According to Law 2251/1994, the customer can withdraw from the sale within 14 calendar days, which start from the time of delivery of the product (to the customer or to the carrier indicated by the latter), returning the product to its original condition. , charged with the cost of return and any reduction in the value of the goods if the product has been paid in full.

5.1.2. This withdrawal is unjustified and without any charge for the customer and if the item has already been delivered the customer must return the product unused, exactly in the condition in which it was received, with all its parts, the accompanying forms and the packaging. of in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted, only if the buyer has first paid any amount charged by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.

5.1.3. Sending the clear statement of withdrawal within 14 calendar days or sending the products will be considered sufficient for the timely exercise of the right of withdrawal. The statement is sent in writing to the following details: By registered letter to "ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE" with d.t. "ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS", based in Kifissia, Attica, Frangopoulou Street, no. 57 tc: 14561 or by email to the email address: info@alphapilates.gr.

You should be aware that if you exercise your right of withdrawal in any of the ways described above, you will receive confirmation of receipt of the exercise of your right of withdrawal.

The products are returned at the customer's expense to the factory address of: "ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE" with d.t. "ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS", at the 61st km National Road Athens – Lamia, Schimatari, Viotia.

5.1.4. The returned product must be in its original condition, ie in its closed complete packaging and without having been used, with all its parts, the accompanying forms and its packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted, only if the buyer has first paid any amount charged by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item. Otherwise, we have the right not to accept the return and the product will be returned back to the customer-sender at his own expense.

5.1.5. In case of withdrawal of the buyer for the purchase of the product, he must return it within 14 days of receipt and the costs are borne by him. If the product is in excellent condition and without defects, then the customer / sender has the right to receive the money paid for the purchase of the product.

5.1.6.The company is entitled to reject the statement of withdrawal if the item is not offered for return legally and properly, ie in the condition that was delivered and not used. The customer, if the company at its discretion, accepts the return of used items in view of withdrawal, is responsible to compensate the company for the reasonable reduction of the value of the item, due to its use. The company has the right to agree with the customer its compensation even with mutual compensation. In case the withdrawal concerns the provision of services, the customer must pay an amount commensurate with the provided until the withdrawal statement. If the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal, any concluded contracts expire automatically, at no cost to the customer.

5.2. If the product shows is defective, the customer must notify us immediately and is entitled to repair or replace it with another same product of equal value or in case of unavailability with another new product of similar quality and price and not a refund. In this case the return of the product will be done with the shipping company that cooperates with the company and the customer is not charged for the shipping provided that the return of the product will be done within the above period of 14 days from its receipt. If the return is made within 15-30 days from the date of receipt, then the shipping costs are borne by the customer.

5.3. If the product has been sold with a gift, then it should be returned with the gift.

5.4. If it is a special order – manufactured product then if it has been completed the company does not accept any withdrawal, as the construction has been done according to special specifications of the buyer and is not suitable for commercial use.

6. Change / cancel order

6.1. Change or cancellation of an order (either for a product or for a Gift Card) is accepted only if the Order Confirmation has not been sent, ie the order has not been completed. Be careful as it is pointed out that after the confirmation of the order it is NOT possible to change the declared delivery address for any reason, for security reasons (anti-fraud).

6.2.You can, if you are a consumer, exercise the right of withdrawal or follow the product return procedure in accordance with the provisions of section 4.

6.3. In case of any problem, however, contact our Customer Service Department for further details through the "Contact Us" section.

6.4. In case the return of part or all of the price that may have already been paid to our Company is required after cancellation or change of your order according to the above, the corresponding amount will be refunded immediately in a way that will be agreed between us. In the event that you are refunded through a third party payment provider (for example a credit card) you may be charged any commission that the third party provider will charge you based on its terms of use and operation, for which our company is not responsible.

7. Warranty / Liability

7.1. Warranty

The company guarantees the good operation of its products. All products sold on the website are free from any legal or factual defect. Products that may be modified, repaired, installed or added by the purchaser are excluded from this warranty. The warranty does not apply to worn or damaged products resulting from shipment or due to improper and improper use. The guarantee is provided for a limited period of time which is stated in the detailed characteristics of the product. After the end of this period or repair, the replacement of the products is possible at an additional charge following a new agreement with the customer.

7.2. Liability-Legal capacity

Before placing the order, the buyer declares that he has the full legal capacity that allows him to contract in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The company can not take any responsibility regarding the verification of the legal capacity of its visitors or buyers. Consequently, if a person does not have the legal capacity to order products from the Website, his legal assistants (parents, guardians) will take responsibility for this order and especially its repayment.

7.3. Limitation of Liability

The company does not bear any responsibility for any loss or delay, if the non-compliance with its obligations is due to events of force majeure, ie events that do not fall within its will and control and could not be predicted, as defined by the Greek legislation.

The information provided by this website is provided as is and without warranties of any kind, express or implied, in particular as to its accuracy, completeness or timeliness, non-infringement, availability, reliability of the information they provide; the products, accessories or services that appear on the Website or the suitability of the applications that the buyer assumes. The company can not be held responsible for the products that will be sold through its Website, especially if there is no compliance with their instructions. The liability of the company will not apply to claims made by the buyer or a third party incompatible with the terms of compliance.

8. Partial validity / Waiver

If any part of the Terms and Conditions is not enforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you), the enforceability of any other part of the Terms and Conditions will not be affected – all other terms will remain in full force and effect. In any case, if possible, it is possible for a term / sub-term or part of a term / sub-term to be considered separately in order to validate the rest, the term will be interpreted accordingly. Otherwise, you agree that the term should be corrected and interpreted to be as close as possible to the original meaning of the term / sub-term, in accordance with the law.

9. Electronic Dispute Resolution

The online store of our Company is fully harmonized with the process of out- of-court settlement of domestic and cross-border disputes in relation to the sales contracts drawn up with each of its users / customers, as described in JM 70330/2015, which includes the regulations regarding the adaptation of the Greek legislation, in compliance with the Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the alternative settlement of consumer disputes and the amendment of Regulation (EC) no. 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC (EEC Directive) and the adoption of additional national measures implementing Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the electronic settlement of consumer disputes. The Electronic Dispute Resolution platform is directly linked to the competent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies, which undertake the handling of complaints. In Greece, the competent bodies are A) the Independent Authority "Consumer Ombudsman" and B) the Banking – Investment Services Mediator. Instructions for Electronic Dispute Resolution can be found at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece and the European Union (EU). You agree, like us, that you are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens in Greece, Europe.