Pilates workout at home

The new lifestyle in the midst of quarantine has changed our everyday life. It is important to maintain our physical fitness to enhance our physical and mental health during our staying at home. Now our household has become a place of both work and exercise for many. Pilates training enthusiasts are up against the high cost of pilates equipment and the lack of space and storage as pilates training equipment is bulky.

Alpha Pilates Systems, responding to your new needs, offers the new collection of Home Pilates equipment. The storage capability of the foldable Pilates Reformer allows you to have a full Pilates workout of the highest quality, at affordable prices, at the same time saving space in your home.

Home Pilates equipment is a great option for those who don’t have a lot of free time, as it gives you the flexibility to work out whenever you choose, without having to rush to scheduled classes. To improve fitness, Pilates instructors recommend three workouts a week, however, and before you start exercising with Pilates equipment at home, you should take Pilates classes under the supervision of your instructor in order to familiarize yourself with the specific workout.

Alpha Pilates' new Home Reformer collection is of equal quality to the professional equipment that Pilates Instructors trust, turning your personal space into a Mini Pilates Studio.

Recommended equipment for home use

Folding Pilates Reformer

Pilates Folding Reformer is a metal folding Pilates bed for home use, it can be adjusted in a few seconds and is easily stored, making it the ideal solution for exercising in a small space.

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Wooden Pilates Reformer

Wooden Folding Reformer is a wooden folding Pilates bed for home use, it adjusts in a few seconds and is easily stored making it the ideal space saving solution.

wooden folding pilates reformer_4.
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Spine Corrector

Spine Corrector is a small Pilates apparatus. It improves stiffness and restores the natural curvature of the spine.

spine corrector
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Pilates Arc Barrel

Arc Barrel improves spinal flexibility and restores the natural curvature of your torso.

pilates arc barrel
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