The online store with “www.alphapilates.gr” website, promotes and distributes the products under the name “ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE” and d.t «ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS» through the Internet, which company is based in Kifissia, Attica, Frangopoulou Street, no. 57, number: 14561 with Tax Identification Number: 801207281 of the Tax Office Of Kifissia and number of general commercial register of companies: 151746501000.

The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the online store with the brand “ALPHA PILATES”, which is located at www.alphapilates.gr website. Any user who enters and trades or uses the services of the online store (referred to as “visitor” or “user” or “customer” depending on if a user is only visiting the store or order / purchase products) is deemed to have agreed and unconditionally accepts the following terms, without exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, then it is his responsibility to not visiting or using the website, as well as abstaining from any transaction or use of the online store services. However, any action of the user in the online store, such as browsing it, subscribing to the Company newsletter, or purchasing products, is considered as unconditional acceptance of these Terms.

In order to start the transaction between us, you are required to disclose your personal information, such as your full name, the address to which the products will be sent, your landline number (or any other telephone number you wish), the electronic your address. These data will in no way be disclosed, made public or sold to third people, unless this is imposed by a Public Authority (court, etc.).

1. General terms

1.1 The Company has the right to modify or free revise the terms and conditions of use and transactions from the online store with reasonable reason, whenever it seems necessary and undertakes to inform consumers of any change, through the page of the online store. Any changes will take effect from the date they are posted on this site. It is clarified that any change of these Terms of Use does not include orders that the customer has already made in our online store, before the entry into force of the amendments in accordance with the above. The use of www.alphapilates.gr after the above mentioned modification, is considered as acceptance of the Terms of Use, as they were modified.

1.2. If you wish, you can subscribe to the list of newsletters/newsletters of our company.

1.3. As for our Security Policy, which explains how we will use your information, you will find information in the section entitled “Security Policy”. By using this Website, you agree to the content of this section and warrant that all data you provide is accurate, true, and up to date.

2. Intellectual Property

All content on this website (including ideas, texts, graphics, images, photos, drawings, software, links, newsletter, etc.) is the intellectual property of “ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE” and is protected by Greek, EU and international laws trademarks and industrial and intellectual property, as well as the presentation of the above on the website www.alphapilates.gr in no case should be considered as a transfer or assignment of license or right to use them.

Copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, production of work or misleading the public about the actual content provider, any reproduction, re-release, upload, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content of the website www.alphapilates.gr in any way or means for commercial or other purposes and generally any kind of action on the commercial, financial and all kinds of files of the company, is allowed only after prior written permission of the administrators of the website www.alphapilates.gr or any other legal copyright holder that includes.

3. Description of Transactions & Products

3.1. The online store of the Company promotes, promotes and resells products of the company and / or products of suppliers with which it cooperates. “Supplier” means within the meaning of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as well as any producer / packer, importer / distributor, as defined in more specific legal provisions (hereinafter “suppliers”). The company reserves the right to freely choose the products it displays on its Website and to modify, renew and / or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice. The same applies to its pricing policy, any offers and discounts which it can freely choose and carry out as well as modify, renew and / or withdraw at any time and without prior notice and / or compliance with the deadline provided the information of users as and where legally provided.

3.2. Product prices: The prices of the products listed on our website do not include VAT.

4. Terms of Transactions

4.1 Order: Each order means the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the acceptance of the General Terms of Use of the Website, Personal Data / Privacy and Use of Cookies without any reservation regarding these terms and any special agreements between parts.

The correction of possible errors in the order is the responsibility of the buyer.

Once the buyer confirms his order by clicking on the “Complete” icon, he is considered to be aware and has fully and unreservedly understood the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale, prices, suggested time and delivery cost for the volume and quantities as well as the products offered for sale and purchase by the buyer. Completion of the product ordering process implies an obligation to pay the cost of the order by the Consumer / customer. The sale is completed when the buyer places the order. “ALPHA SYSTEMS SOLE SHAREHOLDER IKE” will confirm the order by sending a relevant email to the email address of the buyer.

The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend the entire order or delivery, regardless of its nature and level of execution, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any amount owed by the buyer, in case of fraud during the payment or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud while using the site.

All orders, including taxes and mandatory contributions, are payable in Euro. Any overdue unpaid amount will bear interest on the legal arrears immediately after the late payment.

If the order concerns a non-finished product that will be manufactured after a special order, the company sends a blank pre-form which is filled in by the buyer with the technical details of the construction and is submitted to the company via e-mail. In this case the order is considered complete 24 hours if this is confirmed by the company, such as time at which the construction will have started. In this case, cancellation of the order is possible only if the construction is paid at the stage it is already at and if it is completed the company does not accept any withdrawal, as the construction has been done according to specific specifications of the buyer and is not suitable for commercial use.